I started seeing Randy a year ago for hamstring and back issues in addition to an Orthopedic Dr as I have degentative disc issues, osteoarthritis, and scoliosis. After many attempts of trying to relieve my pain or make it more manageable, Randy had me commit to coming to see him for four weeks twice a week. I had total confidence in Randy as he has helped me manage my aches and pains but I was getting to a point where I could not exercise in the morning due to the severe back pain upon waking in the morning. Randy concentrated on working on my psoas; it was extremely painful but I had confidence in Randy that there was a reason why he was putting me through the pain. Today, after the month of seeing Randy two times a week, I am virtually pain free. The only pain I have is the medical bills I have incurred over the last year from MRI’s, scans, PT, and doctor visits. Thank you Randy for your healing touch!
— Karen L.
As a former ski-racer turned ultra-marathon runner I have been exposed to many forms of physical therapy. Randy is hands down the best ever. His understanding of the body and techniques for finding the issues and eliminating them are unparalleled. After just one session he helped me shave minutes off of my training runs. Today after my second session I feel ready for my next 100 miler in just 2 weeks. Many issues that would normally hinder my performance have been deleted. Thank you so much I cannot say enough fabulous things about Randy and Muscle Mechanix!
— Scott B.
I remember the day I felt like a there was a vise around the top of my right thigh. It was the Carytown 10k and the tightness grew increasingly worse throughout the race. In the days and weeks after the race muscle spasms and pain in my low back were so bad that I finally broke down and saw a doctor. Scans ruled out a hip fracture and I commenced weeks of Physical Therapy. In the end I finally accepted that I would not be totally pain free again and just started running with an altered gait since the right hip flexor was too tight to life the leg well. It was frustrating and took a lot of the joy out of running and racing. One of my running buddies, who knew my story, suggested that I try Randy at Muscle Mechanix. I was very leery of trying anything new but thought maybe it could help. The first couple of sessions were quite painful as I discovered the real sources of the problem – tight glutes and psoas muscles. I began weekly massage sessions and within a month began to see a huge difference in my running. One of my running buddies even noticed that I was not pulling the right leg in as much. Soon I was running pain free and racing again. Since that time I have raced all distances including the marathon with Boston qualifying results. I am thrilled to have the joy back in my running and triathlon training and I continue to make weekly massage at Muscle Mechanix an integral part of my training.
— Cheryl M.